I am Marika Giacinti, 38, French artist living and working in Ghent, Belgium. I studied Arts & Craft and graduated in 2005 from renowned Parisian Fashion School Duperré. My passion for textile and prints lead to my career as a fashion illustrator, designing patterns for numerous French brands and trend forecast agencies.  A few years ago, when I moved to Belgium, I created my home decor brand Marika Giacinti Paris made of pillows, stationaries, and porcelain for 4 collections.
Now, my passion is my personal signature work. Miscellaneous spontaneous abstract paintings, vintage flowers, marbling, portraits...
Deeping my paintbrush on my palette and lets my hand flow freely on paper to create a mix of figurative and abstract lines dedicated to becoming future patterns for all surfaces.
My sources of inspiration come from vintage clothing, camo print and botanical illustrations, my daily surrounding.